Capital: Moscow

Russian covers almost twice the area of the United States of America. The capital, Moscow, was founded in 1147. The focal point of the city is Red Square, on one side of which is the Kremlin surrounded by a thick red fortress wall containing 20 towers. The tsars were crowned here; Ivan the Terrible throne is situated near the entrance.  St. Petersburg, northwest of Moscow, is known both as a cultural center and for its elegant buildings. The Palace Square and the Winter Palace are among the most interesting sites for followers of Russian history. The Hermitage houses all the vast treasures of the former tsars.

Language: Russian. English, French and German are spoken by some.

Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz

Climate: The most varied climate; mildest areas are along the Baltic coast. Summer sunshine may be nine hours a day, but winters can be very cold.