Capital: Budapest

Hungary is situated in Central Europe, sharing borders with the Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and Slovenia. The capital city of Budapest, situated on one of the most beautiful areas of the Danube, is made up of two parts Buda and Pest. The former is the older, more graceful, part with cobbled streets and medieval buildings; the latter is the commercial center. The capital is a lively city that has long been a haven for writers, artists and musicians. On the Pest side is the Parliament and the Hungarian National Museum, containing remarkable treasures including the oldest skull yet found in Europe. Lake Balaton in the west is a popular holiday region, not least because of its sandy beaches and shallow waters. 

Language: Hungarian (Magyar) is the official language. German and English are widely spoken. Some French is also spoken, mainly in western Hungary.

Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz. European-style two-pin plugs are used.

Climate: There are four seasons, with a very warm summer from June to August. Spring and autumn are mild, while winters are very cold. Rainfall is distributed throughout the year with snowfalls in winter.