Austria is one of the most popular holiday and tourist countries in Europe, drawing large numbers of visitors through all seasons of the year.  For most visitors, perhaps, the attraction of Austria lies in the beauty of its mountains and its countryside: but its towns and its cities also have much to offer.  Two of Austria's cities - the historic capital of Vienna, with its treasures of art and architecture, and the fascinating town of Salzburg - rank among the great tourist areas of the world.


German is spoken by almost all Austrians, and English is the leading second language.  It is widely understood and spoken fluently by most people working in tourism related jobs.


Public Transport is both easy and convenient. It is often necessary to purchase tickets for the subway and U-bahn before boarding - A 3 day City pass is available for Public transportation including buses, subways and Metros and may be purchased through I.T.S. Tours or at any tourist information booth in Austria.  Please be aware that if you are found without a valid ticket you can expect a stiff fine.


The Climate is moderate and generally agreeable.  Temperature depend largely on altitude.  Precipitation is evenly distributed over the entire year, but May, September and the first half of October tend to be the driest periods.  April and November are the wettest periods.


Major Credit Cards are widely accepted. In larger cities, they may be used in hotels, some restaurants and for shopping. Outside the cities, credit cards may not be accepted, and it is advisable to use traveler's checks. Gasoline company cards are not honored in Austria.